Competence assessment cards for low skilled adults

This transnational research report combines quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. The research subject is the “basic employability skills” for low-skilled adults in the five partner countries (Spain, Romania, Italy, Slovakia and United Kingdom). In order to produce the Competence Assessment Cards, it was necessary to identify the most crucial skills low-skilled adults need to integrate more easily into the labour market.

Download here the transnational research report

Introduction to the use of the cards

Download here set of cards for Career Advisors

Download here set of cards for Learners

These cards have been created to help intermediary professionals identify their clients’ competences as a first step for a tailored, more empathic and efficient approach to recruiting and counselling. To meet this objective, two sets of cards have been developed, one for adults and one for guidance professionals. Through pictures, simple descriptions of the competences and realistic scenarios, the adult users will be supported in the self-assessment of their skills. On the other side, the set for guidance professionals, enriched with questions based on the STAR interview technique, will help them to save time and be as close as possible to reality when assessing their clients’ competences.

Additional Tool

My Skills Portfolio (download it here)

The Skills Portfolio is a tool that aims to support you in your learning path. In this perspective, this tool is particularly useful if you keep on using
and enriching it on the long-term, throughout your experiences. In the end, you may also use it in order to write or adapt your CV according to your
experiences and the competences improved/acquired!

My Evaluation Table (download it here)

This table is a user friendly tool to support you in your learning path in a very visual way. The aim of this table is to allow you to identify what you can do best and what you would like to improve, and then keep evidence of your improvements and development path. It has been designed to identify, for each competence you focus on, some activities you can do in order to improve.

Cards were tested by professionals in five partner countries and their evaluation was used in order to make the cards even more tailored to their needs.